Sorry for slacking on my posts. It’s part of my overall defect, that I can’t remember all my projects and proclaimed commitments. But here’s an update:

I’ve actually GAINED weight and inches since my post, back on August 30–probably from depression, too much sugar, and not enough exercise. Why do I drop all my ambitions for weeks at a time? If I sound all Waa Waa, I’m sorry! But I WILL NOT GIVE UP! This is the wrong time of year to let go of my health goals. Today I exercised for an hour and purposefully drank water. I have planned my exercise and eating routines: Up at six. Drink water. Kick fanny. Eat something healthy with low fat, low protein, high fiber, and primarily plant based. Take pills. Do something interesting and meaningful in addition to my usual work. (This is more important than it sounds at first read!) And r e l a x. Don’t let stress make things worse!

My current, depressing STATS are:

weight: 189.5 lbs

bust: ?

waist: 39.5 inches

My renewed GOAL is:

aerobic exercise three hours per week

anaerobic strength training three times per week

I’ll keep you posted, sooner than before.

Here’s hoping your latest goals were achieved much better than mine. ;-}

About tiredofbeingoldandtired

I'm a fifty-something woman, with half a dozen grown children, who plans to prove once and for all (I hope) that I can get healthy in every way by eating real food, exercising gently, finding a satisfying purpose, and reducing stress, without starving or torturing myself. I'll keep you posted.
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