Why I Switched Eating Plans

Good Wednesday! My exercise and dinner plans fell through last night, but I still ate a healthy balance of lightly buttered yellow crookneck, Parmasan-toasted whole-wheat bread, and a pineapple-raspberry smoothie (made with Greek yogurt for protein and banana for sweetening). Yummmmm. I love this eating plan!

Why am I using this eating plan? Before this, I had been following a medically supervised plan which drastically reduced calories, as well as carbs. Some days, I was dying of hunger. I was having stomach discomforts and felt tired of the limitations, even though I enjoyed seeing almost normal blood sugars and wearing a size smaller in clothes (13/14). But I felt that I couldn’t possibly live like that the rest of my life. I started looking at other diet plans, even though I don’t really believe in dieting. I kept looking until I found what I believe is a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. It provides me with a sense of abundance and hope instead of being deprived and resigned.

When I decided to follow what I’m going to call The Plan, I went overboard, happily swinging to the far ends of the eating “pendulum,” stuffing myself with a good balance of water, veggies, grain, fruit, and protein, and treats. I gained four pounds. The Plan cautions that you must add calories and fiber slowly or this will happen, but I was tired of depriving myself.

Last week (before I started blogging my progress) I was thrilled to notice that my food cravings were diminished, and I had lost those four pounds. Now that I’m not craving sweets and carbs as much, I’m not eating them as much. I’m paying more attention to my body’s cues and trying to not overeat. My stomach is more relaxed and less bloated. Being bloatless makes a world of difference in how I feel; I’m more comfortable physically and much calmer mentally. I’m learning to be patient with results, even though I panic sometimes that I won’t be able to find something to wear that will camoflauge my gut.

Woo hoo! This could work!

About tiredofbeingoldandtired

I'm a fifty-something woman, with half a dozen grown children, who plans to prove once and for all (I hope) that I can get healthy in every way by eating real food, exercising gently, finding a satisfying purpose, and reducing stress, without starving or torturing myself. I'll keep you posted.
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