When Tired, Rest

When tired, rest.

That’s what I’ve been fortunate enough to do these past few weeks while going through various therapies for my hands and back. Today I’m more tired than usual. I’m told it’s common after having body work, such as massage, chiropractic, physical therapy. The infamous “they” said to rest my hands as much as possible today. What can you do without your hands? I’m watching Red Box movies. I exercised gently for 25 minutes during one movie. Now bring on the snack: cottage cheese, creamy cucumbers, fresh peach, and whole grain wafers. Oh, and LOTS of water!

I wish everyone a chance to rest.



About tiredofbeingoldandtired

I'm a fifty-something woman, with half a dozen grown children, who plans to prove once and for all (I hope) that I can get healthy in every way by eating real food, exercising gently, finding a satisfying purpose, and reducing stress, without starving or torturing myself. I'll keep you posted.
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