Starting to Panic!

I’m starting to panic that my health plan isn’t working. Of course I’m not following it exactly. I tend to hope that partial efforts will give me full results. The facts are that (1) My cravings have diminished dramatically, even without 100% compliance, but I sometimes eat anyway. I’m not listening to my body very well, (2) I haven’t lost any weight, (3) I have lost about an inch around my waist–which doesn’t mean a ton because of my fabulous ability to bloat, (4) my moods are more stable, and (5) I don’t feel deprived even though I’m eating healthily most of the time. It’s the sugar and overeating that are holding me back.

My committment was for three months, though, so I’m sticking with it. New stats forthcoming on Monday.

Have a happy day!


About tiredofbeingoldandtired

I'm a fifty-something woman, with half a dozen grown children, who plans to prove once and for all (I hope) that I can get healthy in every way by eating real food, exercising gently, finding a satisfying purpose, and reducing stress, without starving or torturing myself. I'll keep you posted.
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