Afraid to Change

I’m really–times 500–afraid of change. Why is change necessary? Here I am, tiredOfBeingOldAndTired, needing to lose  30–40 pounds or suffer and die, and I won’t change! I always say to myself: After this candy bar, I won’t eat candy bars anymore.  Uh humm. Right.

I read something last week, which totally applies here:

Pain is part of Change, Change is the price of Progress, and Progress is the Purpose of Life.

So today I made a few small changes: I only overate at dinner; I ate veggies and fruits on purpose; I drank loads of water; I exercised for 30 minutes. If I did that every day, over time my body would change?

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Aching Joints and Fat Belly

Sometimes my joints ache: shoulders, knees, thumbs. I hear all kinds of remedies: don’t eat sugar, drink vinegar, exercise, etc., but I haven’t tested them out. It often seems related to humidity, anyway. I might have a little arthritis, but how do you get relief? My fat belly is another issue.

Since I don’t like throwing out problems without exploring possible solutions, here’s a thought I had that may make a difference: If you’re going to see changes, you’ve got to see the changes in this minute. In other words, you’ve got to make a change in the here and now to see changes down the road. For example, yesterday I made whole wheat toast. I put a whole wad of butter on one slice (about 2 TBSP), as usual, and then I realized that nothing will change with my fat belly unless I make different choices. In that moment I changed a small behavior and put only a teaspoon of butter on my slice. Several such choices would certainly add up to different results. Would they not?

An idea I want to explore later is which diet plan I’m going to use and what kinds of exercise I’m going to commit to. Commitment is hovering and I want to grab it while I can!

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In The Days Preceeding a Life Change

I’m Tired of Being Old and Tired. That’s where I’m at. This blog will document me as I either make a major life change or die trying. It is a raw record of my feelings, challenges, triumphs, miseries, and contemplations. Grammar and punctuation will not be my focus here, so just let it go, okay? For background, I am woman, (hear me roar!), in my mid 50s, married with grown children, and in somewhat poor health. More on that in the next post. My weight is 189, and I’m 5’3″ tall. Disgusting! But I’m told the first key to success is to accept and love myself where I’m at. I’ll see how long it takes me to figure out how to do that.

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